New Treatments Available

Novasure endometrial ablation for heavy periods (menorrhagia)

Novasure is a day case treatment which can be undertaken without a general anaesthetic.  Patients experience minimal pain.  Following the treatment 50% of women never have another period, the remaining 50% have very, very light periods.

I have treated over 250 women with excellent results and no complications to date.

Helica laser treatment for endometriosis

Helica is a very fine beam of helium which vaporises endometriosis.  It is a very safe technique as the depth of treatment can be controlled.  I have treated over 200 women with a consistent 80% reduction in pelvic pain, pain on intercourse and painful periods.  Helica is performed in conjunction with a laparoscopy and requires a general anaesthetic.  Over 90% of cases would be undertaken as a day case.

Sacrospinous fixation for the treatment of prolapse

Sacrospinous fixation is a technique of particular value for prolapse in younger women or large/recurrent prolapse.  I have undertaken over 100 cases with no complications to date.

Transobturator tape for incontinence

This is a day case procedure for female incontinence.  It works immediately and women can return to a normal pattern of work/exercise within a week.  I have undertaken over 50 cases with no significant complications and to date 90% success rate.